Micah Cooper

Build things

I'm a software developer specializing in Ruby, Rails, Elixir, Phoenix, Ember, Git and Vim.


Heroku 2016-Present

Senior Front-end Ember Developer

Hashrocket 2011-2016

Senior developer responsible for:

Gathering requirements for clients

Building rock solid (test driven) Rails, Phoenix, and Ember applications from start to finish.

Communicate work to clients on a daily basis.

Utilize agile processes to deliver accurate software to clients.

Conduct technical interviews on behalf of clients and for internal hires.


Thred.it Rails, Postgres, Neo4j
Social network
Aetna/Wellmatch Rails, Backbone, Postgres, JSON, SOAP
Healthcare benefits
ComfortMaxx Rails, Postgres
HVAC inspection tool
Hyfn8 Rails, Backbone, Monolith to Microservices
Social media management
Regions Bank Rails, Ember, Postgres
Custom learning software
TFS Rails, Postgres
Automated bankruptcy payments
XA Enterprises Elixir, Phoenix, Postgres. HTML5/ES2015
Amazon/Zendesk sync
Hotel Insider Rails, Postgres, JSSON APIs
Hotel Booking

Optigen Inc. 2009-2011

Developer responsible for thinking of ways to improve the efficiency of the business,

developing them, and teaching employees how to use them.


Custom Patient Management system ASP Classic, Pervasive, Jquery